Style XP Men 3.19

A tool for creating your own XP themes

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    Men 3.19

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    Windows XP

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For those that are bored with what XP has to offer, Style XP brings an entire line of new features, customization, and themes that can completely change the look and feel of the dated operating system.

After installing Style XP to your computer, patches applied to the operating system cause it to accept new styles that are downloaded from the internet. Applying a style is only the tip of the iceberg in terms of customization; users have full control over exactly how it looks and feels. The screensaver, the size of font, boot screen and menu transparency are all minor examples of what can be tweaked with Style XP. Those that enjoy creating graphics from scratch will enjoy the fact that style elements can actually be designed by the user himself/herself. Once these elements are designed, they can then be applied as real styles.

While simplicity is the aim with Style XP in terms of the user interface and functionality, there's no doubt that first time users will find using Style XP to be a bit overwhelming due to the sheer number of options, features and possibilities.

It's easy to see that making your Windows operating system look like the Mac OS or changing your boot screen to a photo of your favorite cartoon character is tempting. However, these types of system tweaks can be extremely dangerous to the overall vitality of the operating system. Because Style XP overwrites system files in a risky way, the file system could suffer damage or corruption. The effects of the corruption would become noticeable when installing a new patch, installing a service pack or even attempting to use the computer.

However, after testing extensive use of Style XP, no problems were discovered. Additionally, you'll be delighted to find that Style XP runs without hogging a major portion of the system resources.

There's no doubt that the possibilities for customization are truly endless with Style XP. If you're sick of the same old "XP" look and you're looking for something new to freshen up your desktop and interface, look no further than Style XP.


  • Style XP comes with countless options for customization.
  • The software comes with a good number of included themes.
  • It's also very light on resources.


  • The interface might be a little overwhelming for inexperienced or first-time users.
  • Using the software could, in certain cases, cause damage to the OS's file system.

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